Posted by: cassandrabrooks | November 12, 2009

Local endangered tidewater gobies making headlines

In late October, I stood on the banks of a lagoon just off Indian Beach in Tomales Bay State Park with a bucket of endangered gobies in my hands.  We had collected the fish a few days prior, from the recently restored Giacomini Wetland, one of the few places in the region that still has a tidewater goby population.  We moved them here to the State Park with the hopes of re-establishing a goby population in a place we knew would be protected from coastal development.

To learn more about the gobies and their release, check out my narrated audio-slideshow:

The return of the endangered tidewater goby!

On the day of release, it appeared that every news outlet within a fifty mile radius was there to record it.  My favorite part was when a couple journalists asked, “So where are they?”  As we walked towards the dozens of cameras, carrying a few gobies inside small glass jars, they said  “That’s the endangered goby??” Yes indeed, gobies aren’t the magestic bald eagle, or the sleek and hefty coho salmon, but they are an important part of the ecosystem nonetheless.


Photo by Mason Cummings/PRNSA

Its not every day you get to be in the news and writing the news.  Here are a couple links to some of the local stories.

ABC-7 News in San Francisco

Rare fish gets helping hand in Tomales Bay

In the Marin Independent Journal

Tiny rare fish with a grand plan in West Marin

Local radio station, KWMR story on the gobies, as reported by Jacoba Charles.

And here’s my story in published with the National Park Service

Parks work to protect endangered goby

Also keep an eye out for our story in the West Marin Citizen weekly newspaper, which will hit newsstands Thursday Nov. 19.

Go gobies!

gobyjar VII

Photo by Mason Cummings/PRNSA


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