Posted by: cassandrabrooks | February 15, 2012

Searching for the endangered Black Abalone

Black Abalone, one of seven abalone species found in California’s intertidal waters, have gotten sick, really sick with withering syndrome. This disease, along with overharvesting, has caused Abalone populations to plummet, landing them a spot on the endangered species list.

Thus far, Southern California populations have been especially hard hit by withering syndrome. Yet little is known about the status of Northern populations. Join me as I talk with Darren Fong, Aquatic Ecologist with Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and former interns Amy Henry and Kari Eckdahl as they look for Black Abalones throughout Northern California. (video produced by Cassandra Brooks, Pacific Coast Science and Learning Center, interviews by Charles Briscoe)

Watch the video on youtube here.


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