The Authors

The intern blog at Point Reyes National Seashore is maintained by science communication interns with the Pacific Coast Science and Learning Center. Past interns have included Cassandra, Adam and Gordon. Daniel Strain currently holds the spot.

The Science Communication Interns

Daniel Strain is a recent graduate of the UC Santa Cruz Science Communication Program. He cut his teeth on behavioral research, spending long hours alone in bird blinds and herpetology labs conversing with acorn woodpeckers, sideblotched lizards and Pacific giant salamanders in bad French accents. He’s partial to polar bears but will gladly write about any animal except for the panda. Don’t even get him started on pandas.

Cassandra Brooks is a 2009 graduate of the UC Santa Cruz Science Communication Program.  She’s formally trained as a biologist and marine scientist, the latter through the intensely onerous but character-building master’s program at Moss Landing Marine Labs. There she studied the mighty Antarctic toothfish (aka Chilean Sea Bass).  She still loves all things marine and looks forward to telling you all about it.

Adam is 98% chimpanzee. The remaining 2% is mostly dedicated to brewing coffee, flying kites, trying not to fall off his bicycle and getting people excited about science. He’s a veteran informal science educator, and is looking forward to starting a masters in science teaching up in Portland, OR in the fall.

Gordon is a masters student at the Knight School for Environmental Journalism at Michigan State. He thinks science is pretty nifty and will talk your ear off about it given half a chance. He has a passion for strange analogies and an occasional pun.


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